Treating Presbyopia with Lasik

Glaucoma Treatment

Presbyopia is a term used when a person has vision problems. This is due to the use of the eye muscles to change the natural lens of the eye to achieve accommodation. A device is when the focusing power of the lens increases and allows a person to see images close up.

The power of accommodation decreases throughout life, and ultimately a person will need a lens with a positive force to improve near vision. These lenses are often called cheats. The need for these glasses depends on the person’s prescription for glasses. A shortsighted or shortsighted person can often reduce the need for reading glasses by removing glasses.

For many people, near vision loss is a disappointing experience, and they are looking for laser vision correction for treatment. In glasses they have the option of a bifocal lens. However, this is not possible for laser vision correction. Currently, bifocal laser treatment cannot be applied to the cornea; the tissue undergoes laser treatment.

Glaucoma Treatment

What can be done? Laser can create mixes or monovision. In this scenario, one eye is adjusted at a distance, and one eye is adjusted at a close distance. An almost corrective eye is intentionally myopic or myopic. As soon as this happens, the patient will function in this eye as a shortsighted person. Next to the glasses will be a clear vision without glasses.

This is called combined vision because the eyes work together. One eye is more dominant at a distance, and one eye is more dominant at close range. But both eyes have functional distance and near vision, although each eye dominates in kamra inlay in сhicago.


If you have successfully tested contact lenses, it is important to know that the monovision correction that is suitable during surgery may not be the same correction after 3-4 years. This is due to the fact that muscles continue to tire, and accommodation continues to deteriorate even after laser vision correction.