Planning For A Tent Wedding? Here’s the 9 Must-Do List For You

Tent Wedding

 There are lots of reasons brides, grooms, and wedding planners love tent weddings—the place’s character and atmosphere, the cozy feeling, the air of affection and closeness, and the entirety of it (including the decors) are safe and protected.  But building a wedding structure is never easy and simple. It needs a lot of work and demands just as much preparation and planning. Tons of details must be taken into consideration before deciding to go for a tented wedding.

For instance, if you prefer the look of clear top tents,  the see-through structure is excellent at bringing the outdoors in at the event while the air of intimacy and coziness is present.

To start planning your big day, take note of these ten must-dos and facts about wedding tents.

  1. Do plan for a Large Bill

Weddings are quite expensive. You are responsible for all the costs, including tent rentals, décors, and equipment. It costs money and time to turn raw space into an appealing atmosphere for a wedding.

  1. Do Select a Tent Model

You need to take into consideration not only what you want to accomplish aesthetically, but also crucial aspects like the weather, decors, and the functionality of the entire space. If you prefer the look of having peaks, pole tents are ideal. They’re vinyl or sailcloth. Frame and structure tents have open spaces ideal for supporting heavy equipment such as huge speakers. While Clear tops are sleek and modern, giving views of the surrounding scenery.

  1. Do Find the Right and the Best Spot

Consider focusing on the view and the scale of the tent concerning the surroundings—it shouldn’t consume the entire unit of land. And don’t disregard finding a flat surface of at least 10 feet from any building for the posts.

  1. Do Understand the Venue’s Rules Before Booking

Ask if there are noise restrictions, or if you can place the posts directly into the ground, and when you can start the setup. The latter is very important because setting up a tent or tents can take a longer time.

  1. Do Reserve Early

Some rental companies have a restricted supply of styles and sizes, so you need to book one once you have finalized your event’s date and must have a good idea of the guest count – at least six months before the wedding.

Tent Wedding

  1. Do Get the Right Size

It is vital to consider the tent size because a tent that is too small or too big may ruin the flow and vibe of the event. Normally, it is 18 square feet of tent per person for a seated banquet and dancing.

 If you’re concerned that your tent might be too big for your crowd size, try to add warm lighting. It can make a large tent appear cozy and intimate, particularly if you lack the headcount to occupy the entire space.

  1. Do Consider Flooring

Grass can be the cheapest option, but if you don’t want the gentlewomen to mess up with their heels, cover the ground with wood flooring, sisal rugs or carpet, or AstroTurf in a neutral tone.

  1. Do Think About the Temperature

You may need either heaters or air conditioners (depending on the date of the event) to keep you and the guests comfortable.

  1. Do a Sound Check

Music will be beautiful and loud on the dance floor but think about during dinner. Let your DJ or band do a test run to make sure that guests at the back can hear too.