Make an online travel diary

When we return from travel, we are often harassed by our friends, who want to see our photos, who want to hear us tell our adventures. Since we are between us, let’s face it: we only ask for that, because we like to splash people on our happiness!

That’s why creating a blog, an online travel diary, is a great way to start sharing that happiness when your thousands of miles from home, or even a tour of Corsica, it works too – and the images are just as sublime!

It remains to find the best way to create an online travel diary, and this is where everything seems to be complicated.

How to create a travel blog?

Let’s end the suspense immediately: no, everything is simple in reality. To make his travel diary, you must choose to create your own travel blog.

You will quickly get into the thread of the subject, given the simplicity of the registration and blogging process we have put in place for you. Creating a travel journal is within the reach of your little niece, the one who can just tie her laces. You do not believe us? Well you are wrong: to make his blog for free is easy! Quickly prepare your most beautiful photo, let’s bet that it’s the first thing you’ll want to put on your brand-new Travel Blog. And if you must leave on an emergency trip and thus leave your blog in pain – admire the rhyme – no worries to have since we watch over your tickets as the apple of our eyes. And it’s not just a way of speaking.

Travel site template

A panoramic photo is always the most beautiful effect on the home of a travel site, so feel free to frame or crop your favorite snapshot to put it on your brand-new homepage. Oh, by the way: if you want to see another blog template, it’s good, there are several dozens, and some templates will be equally suitable for a travel blog.Anyway, you can choose another theme later, it’s easy, fast and free. Maybe after a particularly exotic trip?

Characteristics of the travel website template

A large place given to photos, a panoramic slideshow on the first page, all the ingredients are there to make a blog that will follow you a long time.

Travel Template

  • HTML5
  • Responsive design
  • Available colors: blue, gray, brown, green

A model of online travel diary … that will make you want to go on a trip!

Travel agency template

  • HTML5
  • Responsive design

A model of a travel agency website, designed to highlight the assets of your agency and make the user want to go on holiday with you!