5 reasons to buy custom software

5 reasons to buy custom software

Despite the fact that for most companies there are many options for packaged software, the hallmark and presentation of custom software is that it can be expanded and integrated with most other technologies. Software that precisely adapts to the shape and size of your business and can be changed if necessary provides greater flexibility and, therefore, simplifies many operations. Five reasons why you should buy madeintandem custom software for your business:

  1. Implementation and ease of use.

Pre-packaged software requires complicated installation procedures, but user software systems are relatively easy to install, sometimes the software development company installed it for its customers.

  1. Better performance

Due to the fact that the machines on which canned programs are installed take up more space, this not only degrades the performance of the machine, but also the entire network. User software takes up less space on the machines where it is installed, and therefore requires less processing, so it guarantees better hardware and software performance and network bandwidth. Due to higher productivity, organizations get better performance and faster operations.


  1. Stick to business requirements.

There may be policies in your business that change over time; Software designed to meet the needs of your company can always be updated to adapt to changes. The company owning the code can easily add, change and delete certain parts of the program in accordance with the new requirements.

  1. At a reasonable price

Large software applications require a large amount of research to understand business requirements, and therefore the total cost of producing software packages is at the top. On the other hand, individual software clients are developed after satisfaction of requirements, and consequently, the cost of software products, and this is only the cost of development and maintenance. This makes custom software cheaper compared to packaged software that offers similar results.

  1. Scalable

Unlike packaged software, user software usually does not have licensing agreements, so it can be used by N number of users, and it can also be used in all companies, which means that an organization can invest in a customer to personalize and sell it to all companies that can to benefit from it.