Alesis Recital 88-Key: A Perfect Tool for Beginners

Being able to play the piano is a skill that will help you on specific occasions. Learning a new skill is always a good thing. It gives you something to use in certain instances. And having a direct connection to music is very beneficial.

Whether you just enjoy playing, you have a strong drive to learn or you’re already a seasoned pro, you’ll need the right tools to help you play properly. Investing in a good piano will be necessary.

But there might be challenges when you want to purchase an actual piano. It may be too expensive. And this is the type that requires a certain amount of space. So you should prepare when you purchase this.

For people who just want have something to use which can also offer them good quality in terms of sound, the Alesis Recital 88-Key might be the best choice. Other units and brands are also available. But out of all the options, this is the most suitable one.

A wise buyer will always consider the different things that the device can offer and what it can’t do.


Semi-weighted keys. You’re able to shift the keys to weighted type or full hammer action. For people who want to practice playing the actual piano, having the hammer will be a better idea. But there’s convenience when you know that you can easily shift it to weighted keys when needed or when this is what you prefer. It allows for better playing.

Full 88-key. With the full key set, you’re playing an actual piano. It’s good for practice and for preparing yourself when you transfer to the actual one. If you’re serious about practicing, then this little feature can go a long way.

Battery-enabled for Mobility. Every artist knows that there’s a need to go out of the studio from time to time. Exploring other places for inspiration or playing for a certain event or gig will require you to take your piano to different places. It’s convenient to have something more portable.


Purchase your own pedal. For hammer action, there is a need for the foot gear or the hammer. This is not included in the entire package. So you need to purchase these things separately.

Built-in speakers quality. For stronger volume, you should consider connecting it to a sound adapter. The speaker quality is good, but it might not provide the volume needed when you want to play for bigger crowds and larger spaces.