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Successful businessman and housing expert Marc Roberts Miami celebrated his 62nd birthday at a bar in West Hollywood last weekend. Roberts has made a name for himself in South Florida with a major breakthrough in the development industry and most recently committed to bringing Las Vegas to Marc Roberts Miami with the new E11EVEN hotel and accommodation. Roberts is also the first person to bring a sports management company to the stock market in the United States. Obviously, business is thriving, so it is worth celebrating.

Then it was appropriate for a man wearing such hats to be associated with such a prominent society. Shortly after emerging from the red carpet, Connor McGregor joined Roberts at the West Hollywood Rooftop Club, in Harriett. The former UFC featherweight and the lightweight champion have twice been seen cheering and throwing back with his team. McGregor’s recent reunion with Machine Gun Kelly the musician seems to be far behind him as smiles and energy flowed into his birthday party.

Real estate mogul Marc Roberts

But few people know his age. The man buys, owns, and sells a large percentage of all the best-selling homes in downtown Miami. But no one knows, in fact, some take credit for his work. He is like the Oz witch, the man in the background who makes things happen. The man has created or co-created billions of dollars with projects inspired by life, splendor, and wealth in this (and other) key domain, including Brightline Station, American Airlines Arena, Arsht Performance Art Center. , the new Federal Justice Campus and the new Federal Courthouse, and the Museum of Art and Science.

Front Man Marc Roberts Files Bankruptcy

But the crowds who enjoy the fruits of his labor do not know where they come from. Because most of the people outside his circle may not even know his name. This powerful, intelligent, tireless designer, Marc Roberts Miami , has chosen to remain anonymous while developing athletes or improving the realities of housing and business.

Banks say Silverman was aware of all lending schemes. “I do not know what Mr. What would Roberts do with this money, ”said Kenneth Lapatine, a lawyer for Deutsche Bank, who borrowed $ 20 million. “What we want is for a note to be paid.”As well as 20 investors, most of who are retired living in southern California, who have loaned Silver man and Roberts $ 3 million to get a 16% yield. That coupon has been unpaid for months.