Herbert Hernandez rise as a popular musician

popular musician

Herbert Hernandez is a popular guitarist who created his band, Moonstar88, in 1999. He released his albums in 2000, 2002, 2007, 2011, and 2012. He also got stuck as a beginner like other musicians, and he got the idea to write and compose a song for a leading singer. It helps to make them more popular in his band. His band’s songs are some of the most played on the radio, YouTube, Spotify, open mikes, and other player sites.

Now his band has hit the biggest stream including migraine; it has been more than 94 million times. Later he joined 6cyclemind, which enjoyed years of stream success. Make use of all the opportunities with the band and his manager Darwin, who taught him how to play guitar; he became a leading guitarist.

He is tapped as a top songwriter by these two bands. Later, in 2019, Herbert was selected as the FILSACAP master camper. It inspired him to collaborate with other experienced composers at the inaugural camp. The camp contains songwriters with different styles to produce the song. They work together to help the industry of arrangers and interpreters.

popular musician

Herbert Hernandez was busy making music and advertising. If he is not busy enough with his daily task, definitely he would find another way to merge his two other careers with music. Herbert and his group have performed 58 concerts in the last 12 years in different countries. Some of them in his group have signed as recording artists. Additionally, he performed 12 concerts to raise money for the payment of the medical expenses of those working in the advertising industry.

Herbert is appreciated for his music and equally recognized for his talent as an advertising executive at GIGIL. It started with the goal to provide a solution for their client. Each has a unique problem, so the solution is unique. GIGIL considers the ad for the brand only if the idea is good.