Get the echocardiogram test done


If you are looking for a good Centre to perform the test of echocardiogram, it is suggested to take up the test at the cardio care which is the leading echocardiology Centre in Chevy Chase , MD with the best specialists in cardiology examining the heart and detection of any heart conditions. In general, if the cardiologist finds any abnormal condition in the heart suggests the patient perform the echocardiology test wherein he can check the chambers as well as the walls of the heart thoroughly.

A simple test and the quick procedure

The procedure is simple and quick with the patient to be prepared by removing their garments and wearing a gown or the outfit at the Centre. Then the patient is asked to lie on the left side so that the heart images will be properly captured. This echocardiogram is also called as transthoracic echocardiogram and commonly referred to as the echo. This is the ultrasound of the heart which will be utilizing the electrodes in order to observe the rhythm of the heart and also to visualize the blood movement through the heart.

There are many procedures in cardiology to examine the heart condition and one of them which is widely used is the echocardiogram which is a pain less process. In general, the test will take up to 40 minutes and this is considered to be one of the best tests for checking the heart problems. This is a safe and non-invasive diagnostic test which will be using the ultrasound that is a high-frequency sound wave for producing the images of the heart.

The expert sonographers at cardio care perform this test in the ICAEL certified echo lab and the images will be there by reviewed by the cardiologist. After the review, the results will be discussed with the patient for further test or diagnostics that has to be done by the patient. You can book an appointment at the Centre and take up the test which is suggested by the cardiologist.


The heart muscles will be visualized and the function along with the structure will be assessed in real-time. These are considered to be priceless or invaluable procedures in the field of cardiology as they are widely used for detecting heart problems. To perform this test and to take up the test there is no kind of restrictions regarding the intake of food or intake of medications.