The girls that are truly sweet as their name implies

The girls that are truly sweet as their name implies

It is no surprise that all-girl K-Pop groups or bands would be very popular because there are a lot of female fans that are dying to listen to their songs and be inspired by them. One of these very popular K-pop band which consists only of all-girls is called Red Velvet and they are not only pretty and beautiful, but very talented too. if you are a Red Velvet fan already, then you probably know almost everything about them because they have been releasing song after catchy song.

Red Velvet was first debuted as a quintet with the members being Seulgi, Wendy, Irene, and Joy.  After almost a year of performing as a quintet, they added a fifth member, Yuri, and from there on they have been going nowhere but up. Their charisma and pretty faces added to the quality of their songs and they are very fun to watch because they know how to entertain people which is why they really have earned everything that they have right now.

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Red Velvet’s very first public appearance

Red Velvet was formed by S.M. Entertainment and as mentioned above, there were four members at first which was Seulgi, Irene, Joy, and Wendy. They first appeared on the music program called Music Bank were they officially debuted on stage on August 1, 2014. After four days, they digitally released their debut single entitled “Happiness”. It is a mix of Europop, strong synth sounds, and African tribal beats. Their original music video for this song was removed after receiving 2 million views, because of the problems of a lot of people regarding the disturbing background images it has. They then replaced it with an edited version.

The Fifth and Final group member

Yuri is the fifth member to be added to the group, Red Velvet, on March 11, 2015. They released their first mini-album called Ice Cream Cake after four days of Yuri’s arrival, which was on March 15, 2015. After releasing their music videos for two of their songs and winning their very first music show trophy plus having their album become a best-seller for the half of 2015 on the Hanteo Chart, they then went to LA, California to perform at a KCON on August of the same year.

Very successful Solo Concert

They held a concert from August 18- August 20, 2017 which was very successful because of over 11,000 fans coming to watch them. It was supposed to be a two-day concert only, but they added a third day due to a very high-demand from their overwhelmed supporters, which they gave a chance of course.

Being in an all-girl K-Pop band doesn’t mean that they are only on stage to showcase you their pretty faces. They are also there to give you their best. Red Velvet is surely one of these bands that gives everything they have whenever they perform which is why they are highly-admired by a lot of people.