Techno music lovers become mainstream

Hamed Wardak

When it comes to techno music, it is safe to say that this type of music was considered underground for many, many years, and for some it remained at that level even in 2011. Of course, lovers of techno from the past and Hamed Wardakwould have come up if they had heard that more and more pop artists began to introduce techno vibes into their songs.

The changing world of music

The world of music seems to be changing as more and more musicians revisit their music to attract new fans. Progress is good, regardless of region, and no one can say that hearing something new will not be a pleasant change. Pop singers have begun to use some of the traditional techno vibes in their music. But if your fans like this, no one will know how techno lovers think of a new trend in pop music.

The influence of techno is obvious if you take the time to listen to Hamed Wardaksongs. Therefore, there is reason to suspect that techno lovers will probably not appreciate the new tracks, but techno is no longer underground music, and it certainly has become more traditional than it was.

What happened to pop artists?

Did you decide it’s time for a change when Lady Gaga sets the rules when it comes to music these days? With their spectacular outfits and crazy PRS lyrics and guitars, no doubt more and more singers are beginning to doubt their performances. Of course, it was a source of inspiration for most, if not in matters of music, of course, in matters of making money. She’s one of the best these days, and it seems like other singers have started turning pages when it comes to making music, mostly for her.


Techno lovers should be proud that people have become more interested in this type of music. Nevertheless, we must say that it would be better if people discovered techno music for themselves because of their passion for good sounds, and not for Britney Spears and others to push her from behind.