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National Police Association


The mission of the National Police Association is to train, prepare, and develop supporters of Law enforcement in how to provide help to the Department of police to achieve their destinations or goals. This NPA is 501©3, EIN 82-0647764, and is an organization that is run by individuals and supports the contributions of organizations. All the donations that are made to the national police Association are deductible from the tax. To cultivate attention both locally and nationally to the anti-police attempts challenging effective law enforcement at each and every turn and two constructs and establish the support for the required actions through media like TV and radio public service announcements along with the legal filings and articles ordered, this Association has dedicated its continuous support.

Brain health is crucial

In the recent studies, there is a lot of stress on the health of the brain for the law enforcement officials and the Police Department officers which need to be maintained to promote health both physically and mentally. In the recent report on the NPA website there is the latest information regarding brain health by Doctor Daniel Amen who has concluded that there is the highest importance for the maintenance for the brain to be healthy.

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There are several other books which are written by the doctor which promotes the best ways to take the proper care of the brain so that both the physical health as well as the mental health wouldn’t be affected. The life of a police officer is more stressful than any other and particularly when it comes to the brain as that may be brain injuries and concussions.

There is no option for the police officers to elect not to go to work or perform so as well as protect the citizens in the communities and this is where the officers avoid bruises and continue on the job which will have a huge impact on the health of the brain. To maintain proper brain health, there are few practices which are safe, and it should be made as part of the daily life which will enhance the brains health.


There is a recommendation for the police officers to maintain an adequate amount of sleep time to prevent inhibition of the brain from reacting fast. The NPA uses an active combination of education, communications, legal filings, and investigations for the advancement of the mission of battling the anti-police activists’ influence and helping to admit them accountable. This is only possible when the law is used as the technique or method of highlighting the antipolice a citizen abuses and behavioral change along with the corrective action.