The 2019 Monster Energy Supercross: Everything You Need to Know

Supercross Live

Finally, this world-awaited 2019 AMA Supercross season has been revealed! Its first round is happening on January 5th, at Anaheim Stadium. From last year’s season success and blast, it drives more fans insane this year to watch out for another breathtaking and amusing racing event. Definitely one for the sights! In fact, organizers continue to improve the fan experience and even live entertainment at home by using state-of-the-art technology. Promising as ever to give you only the best during the whole season play. Aside from that, they also make sure that physically live or not you will be able to feel a festive-like atmosphere in the paddock. More reasons why you should book your ticket online now, or update your package to enjoy a Monster Energy Supercross live stream at home or in the office. Furthermore, here are a few more things that you should know while watching live, or streaming on the event.

The Event Format 

If you wanted to make the most of the season’s game, then you should better know the basics of the event. You, most probably, had your questions like— “how does the AMA Supercross event work?” It will be a whole day event, there are three qualifying races. The last two are timed with electronic transponders which makes timing accurate. The top 40 racers in each class it to the night races. Then these 40 will then become 20 person race where it eventually comes down to 9 from each group to qualify to the main event. The remaining racers will then battle for the last chance to become top 4 qualifiers to make it to the event. 22 in all, the top racers who will be left standing will battle for the main championship game. As you go for a Monster Energy Supercross live stream, make sure you have a better understanding of how the game will go.

Supercross Live

The Racing Track

The tracks are what makes this game very exciting and thrilling.  The AMA Supercross track is one of the most difficult tracks which is why they can only allow experienced riders to set place in the game. Every single track has a whoop or brutal washboards where riders can skim along the tops of it. It also has a rhythm section of an irregular series of jumps with various combination options. And lastly, triple jumps which normally riders can clear in a single leap of 70 feet or more. The first round in Anaheim is definitely going to have an incredible track with plenty of twists and turns. That’s why you have to make sure your cables are updated to Monster Energy Supercross Live Stream.

The Classes 

Basically, there are two different classes in an AMA Supercross event. This is the 250 and the 450 cubic centimeters of displacement engine size. This creates a really big difference in the races as the bikes are different but many speculators would not be able to spot the difference of those classes.

The Venues

As I said, the first round of AMA Supercross will be ay Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. Basically, AMAs are known for being held at stadiums in around the country and building amazing and incredible tracks inside the stadium— totally different from an outdoor track. However, rest assured that fans will be able to relax and love the game all throughout. The first round of the AMA Supercross at Anaheim is going to be held at Angel Stadium.