Watch the new latest movies using 123 Movies

latest movies using 123 Movies

123movies Online is one of the most recent rated piracy websites, offering the free latest movies to the users. This website is very popular all over the world and it scores great data from every part of the world and through every video streaming site. All the latest movies are uploaded very quickly at any time from the day of release, and the content is released before they are officially released in theatres. One can stream the website and can directly download instead of streaming.

It initially appeared in Vietnam. The site has undergone several changes in its name since it was removed from various domains; sometimes the name of the new site appeared as “123movies”. In April 2018, it was declared the most popular website by the Motion Picture Association of America. The website was also shut down in April 2018 by Vietnamese authorities. Also, this website was banned primarily because its viewers had access to the latest movies and it also led to a loss of revenue for theatres and multiplexes. This free website is the best option for downloading movies, TV shows, or web series. Logging into the website is also quite easy and you can get the movies list from the search box.

download instead of streaming

Users who use this service will not pay any money to the site, and later, the copyright holder will not be paid for these movies on TV shows. Also, these copyright owners are less likely to grant the right to host their content for free to 123movies or other streaming sites. It serves as a great platform to watch movies at home and the only requirement is to have a good internet connection. You can see all types of movies which include thriller, horror, comedy, action, adventure, and drama.

New domains of 123 movies

If you look back a few years, the domain name that ran movies was, and it became the biggest company out there. However, it was not until 2016 that this domain began to become more and more inaccessible to people who wanted to watch free movies. Since no one could access the site in the same way, so it had to change things up a bit. In September 2020, it started running from the domain name of, and it offers as many movies as ever. You can continue to hide your IP address through a VPN if you need to. Also, it maintains the same pop-ups as all other domains it uses.