Detailed Information on RBT

The Registered Behavior Technician

The Registered Behavior Technician is the credentialed professional that implements Applied Behavior Analysis under the ongoing and close supervision of the BCBA. Being an RBT, you can directly implement your skill acquisition and behavior reduction developed by the supervisor. When you find the best registered behavior technician jobs, you can make others join in becoming the nationally-credentialed RBT provider!

How Can I Become a professional RBT?

To be a professional RBT is a simple process! Besides being 18 years old & having the high school diploma or equivalent, you need to:

  • Pass the criminal background check
  • Complete 40hours of the RBT Training (offered online)
  • Pass RBT exam at the Pearson Vue testing
  • Pass RBT Competency Assessment with BCBA*

Professional RBT

How can I use RBT credential?

The professional RBT will help kids to progress with their developmental skills that includes social skills, communication, life skills such as hand-washing & toileting, and managing their behavior. They have to work in a 1:1 ratio with the students using science of the behavior analysis and create several opportunities for the positive reinforcement, being tracked by the data collection, which shows us if progress is made towards their goals.

Benefits of Becoming a Professional RBT

Becoming a professional RBT shows commitment and investment to the clients and families. Being an RBT, you will open doors for the professional advancement, educational growth, and opportunities to sharpen their skills. There is not any higher reward than helping others! As the RBT, you will become the professional in the behavior management & skill development, and ensuring the family satisfaction and client success.

What Do I Expect?

When starting out, you can get the weekly training from BCBA to get the solid knowledge of the ABA techniques and specific programming. Joining RBT Registry evaluates and certifies your skills for aiding applied behavior analysis program in the diverse settings with the sound judgment.