The Part That Makes Everyone Come Back For More


As long as there is someone there for you to do something, it is always an easy job. That is how patriarchy has been ruling over women for quite some time and it is with these tools at their disposal that they have been able to succeed and do it for a long time. And it is because of the subjugation that men have always found things to be easier as they do not have to do any sort of work ever again. They consciously and/or unconsciously delegate their work and this happens from young boys to old men in the form of other people, mainly women doing their work and that starts from mothers, to wives, to girlfriends, as well as nurses and maids at home. That is how well things have become for men and it has evolved in the modern day to everyone trying to delegate their own work to someone else and in some cases that might not be a bad thing either. In today’s world we have a lot of stressors in our lives so doing everything would simply mean that we are taking up too many things that we cannot handle. A student at the end of their term can hire a thesis writing service provider instead of doing all the clerical work themselves and just add on to their pressure more and more instead of letting the others do it and focus on more important things.

Everything Is A Task

It may be noble to want to do everything all the time and in some cases doing things independently is encouraged but that does not fare well when the balance between doing things on your own and taking up too many things that is impossible to finish unless there is help taken. The standards that we set for ourselves are too high and underestimating ones’ ability to do things and multitask is one thing and overestimating our capacity to do everything is another and the latter is usually the more dangerous one. A student gearing up to finish his thesis should take the help of a thesis writing service instead of doing everything themselves and that would pave the way to do the important stuff for them.


In case, there is no need to delegate then doing things on your own is fine but it is always good to try to make things convenient for oneself.