Upcoming Trends in the Commercial Property Market

Brad Zackson

The commercial property market is evolving constantly, and it is very important for the industry experts and investors to stay updated on the newest trends. When we look ahead in 2023, there’re a lot of exciting trends on a horizon that can shape the complete future of the real estate market industry as predicted by Brad Zackson

Remote Work

One trend that has gained quite traction is rise of the flexible workspaces. With this pandemic forcing several companies to get remote work, even traditional office spaces now are becoming very less popular. In reaction, flexible workspaces that provide a wide variety of choices, from private offices to hot desking, are becoming quite prevalent. This particular trend is still to continue as many companies embrace the remote work and search for flexible office solutions.

Adoption of New Technology

Next trend to look at is increasing use of the technology in commercial property industry. From AI-powered management software to virtual property tours, technology is now transforming in a way we purchase, sell, or manage our properties. In 2023, we will expect to see more tech-driven innovations, which can streamline these processes and make this industry highly efficient.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is becoming the top priority in this commercial real estate industry. With the climate change becoming one pressing issue, tenants and investors are searching for the eco-friendly buildings, which will prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency. Thus, green buildings that make use of renewable energy sources & incorporate sustainable design functions are becoming highly popular. In 2023, we will expect to see more emphasis on the sustainability in this industry, as tenants and investors demand environmentally conscious properties.

Industrial Real Estate

An increase of e-commerce is also driving demand for the industrial real estate. With many consumers shopping on the internet, there’s the growing need for distribution centers and warehouse to handle influx of packages. The trend is thought to continue even in 2023, since e-commerce continues to rise and demand for the industrial real estate also increases.

Final Words

Overall, there are a lot of exciting trends that you need to watch out for in the current commercial real estate market 2023. Right from the flexible work to sustainability, this industry is constantly evolving to meet changing needs of the investors, consumers and tenants. As professionals in this industry, it is very important to be ahead of the trends and adapt to changing landscape to stay competitive.