Mistakes that committed by startups that make it fail

organization of the company

The startup is the latest trend. A lot of people try their luck out by promoting an idea. They all start with determination and enthusiasm but they lack something in them that make many fail. Entrepreneurs like Adam Jiwan, the founder of Spring Lab have avoided the mistakes to become the fastest growing fintech company. Here are the mistakes that normal startup generally makes:

Lack of preparation

You can’t wake up in the morning and decide to simply jump in with a startup. Only the person who is determined can have a start at the business. One has to be completely sure about the idea he has. Market research is very crucial before launching the product. One should be prepared with all the possible scenarios and problems that would fall on them to overcome. With the complete preparation, you are sure not to fail.

Market research

Have a few partners

No startup can be done alone. Two people are better than one. There are several decisions that you have to fight with to come to a fruitful conclusion. Doing that alone isn’t an easy task. No one can be right and hence a suggestion in the effort can help you take a right decision.

However, that does not mean to have a number of partners to have a better suggestion. Too many partners would create conflicts in the organization of the company and this would be the downfall of the company.

Being stubborn

While moving into the business all the entrepreneurs have a fixed way or a fixed business plan. Some are glued to the plan and don’t want to change whatsoever. This was the main cause for much company to fail in the past. The business plan and the way of leading the startup should be flexible depending on the market sceneries. A problem depends, and so does the solution to it. Hence been an option to several methods is the best way to sustain a market.


There are many companies who don’t look for getting a mentorship. This is not a highly recommendable thing to do. You just have started the market and are inexperienced so having a mentor should help you with his experience.