Is Your Investing Turning Into An Addiction?

shubhodeep prasanta das

Are you investing more and more money in the hopes that it will make you rich, or are you compulsively checking the stock market? If you are doing either of these things to excess, there is a good chance that your shubhodeep prasanta das investment habits have turned into an addiction. This type of investment does not work for many people because it leads to unrealistic expectations about their future. Addicts may continue their pattern for years or even decades.


Obsession is an important component of addiction. In the case of investing, the obsession would be that you want to make as much money as possible. You may constantly check the stock market or your portfolio on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. You may be unable to get the thought of investing out of your mind. Spending time and money on the stock market becomes a bigger priority than anything else you may want to do.

Devaluation Of Others

If an addiction takes over your life, it can be hard to spend time with friends, family or go on vacation because you feel like you need to be at home checking the stock market. When people spend a lot of time focused on the stock market, they make little to no time for other things. They may be reluctant to go out because they want to stay home and check the stock market.

Lying To Oneself

If you lie about your investments, it will lead to a moral crisis in your life because you will feel like you are hiding something from yourself or others. You may not realize that you lied until somebody calls you on it or some embarrassment happens when another person notices that you have lied to them.

Fear Of Loss

Many people do not have a very good idea of what the stock market is really like. They may think that if they loose money in the stock market, it will ruin their retirement accounts, or even their entire life savings. However, this is not true.