Understand how Conversational AI works

Conversational AI

To improve the quality of products and services many enterprises are increasingly leveraging AI technology. Many startups and leading brands are trying to reap the benefits of promising AI technology before their competitors do. Conversational AI is the technology that enables the chatbots to interact with people in a human-like way. A business can use this technology to enhance communication between communication and employees. It helps to increase employee satisfaction and improved customer satisfaction. By bridging the gap between human and machine language, Clinc conversational AI makes communication between them easy and natural.

traditional scripted chatbots

How does it work?        

Conversational AI is not processed with one technology, the set of technologies are used that allows a computer to recognize the human language, analyze what being said, determine and respond in the best way. First, the application receives the data it might be written text or spoken words, if the information is spoken, then Automatic Speech Recognition is used to determine what customer trying to say.

Natural language processing is the technology used to understand how customer organizes their thoughts and language. NLP helps to analyze the meaning behind the text. The Clinc not only uses NLP but also machine learning that allows the bots to learn, find the reason and makes the right decision without human intervention. Before all this AI has to understand what the customer is trying to say Natural language understanding (NLU) is the part of NLP that helps AI to understand the user’s intent even with grammatical mistakes, shortcuts and different texts. Now, using machine learning AI determines the right response. Finally, using NLG, the AI generates a response that can be easily understood by the user.

You must be clear with the traditional scripted chatbots and conversational. Because not both the same and all created equal. Traditional scripted chatbots have the same capabilities of conversational, but humans have to write scripts and dialogues behind the scenes. It has the ability to understand the question that is pre-programmed, and if the user’s input does not match the word or phrase to recognize it will not be able to give any responses. When you have a truly conversational AI it can retain context throughout an entire conversation.