Avast antivirus for your phone and PC

Avast antivirus is a known internet security application that is developed by avast software. This includes products that are free, pro and premium versions which provide computer security, browser security, antivirus software, firewall, anti- spyware and anti-spam among all the services. Avast antivirus is known to be a popular antivirus on the market and it also holds the largest share of the market for antivirus application.

Types of avast antivirus products

There are basically four types of avast antivirus products that are available in the market like:

  • Avast free antivirus- The free antivirus avast is for non-commercial and for home use. This product includes the antivirus with antispyware, avast passwords, secure HTTPS scanning, streaming updates, hardened mode, deep screen, security updates and ransomware protection. This requires 1 year’s registration and includes advertisements for other avast products also.

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  • Avast pro Antivirus- This is also for home use and includes all features of the free version. This also has a safe zone browser, secure DNS and Sandbox. It doesn’t require a registration but it requires a license or activation code.
  • Avast internet security- This version includes all the features that the pro version has. It also has the additional silent firewall and antis spam feature. One doesn’t need to register but a person does require a license or an activation code.
  • Avast premier- This has all the features of internet security with the addition of a data shredder and an access anywhere service. It also has an automatic service updater; it doesn’t require registration but does require a licence or an activation code.

Avast antivirus also has a mobile version which keeps the phones from getting malware. The free antivirus avast can be downloaded from the play store and can be used for virus removal and virus scanner.