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This may sound quite technical – Application Programming Interface – but once the API is in place, it’s easy. Among other things, APIs play an important role in enabling programs to interact with each other. In its simplest definition, an API is a specific set of rules, codes, procedures, protocols, tools, and specifications that software uses to communicate with other software. It provides access to use the services and resources of another program that implements this API. It is an interface NFT for different programs that helps them communicate, just as an interface provides communication between computers and people.

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API access provides access to the backend raw data, which with the help of a programmer you can translate into the format you prefer. Software developers are responsible for developing products that run on APIs. There are APIs created for libraries, operating systems, applications, programs, and many others to define their resource request “language” and conventions. Programs, object classes, data structures, and protocols are created in specifications that are used to communicate between a provider program via an API and a consumer program.

The API is used in a variety of contexts.A shared API means that the complete set of APIs resides in a programming language library, such as the Java API. To be specific means that the API solves a specific problem, such as the Google Maps API. The API is language-specific, which is only available when using the elements and syntax of a specific language. The language-independent API is called from multiple programming languages, which can be provided as remote procedure calls or web services.

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To go deeper, an API describes a way to perform a specific  task, just like in procedural languages. Nowadays, modern programming languages ​​provide API-related NFT documentation in a digital format that is easy to view on a computer.

A NFT  protocol defines a typical way of exchanging requests and responses in a common path, while an API provides a library that can be used directly without transmission, but exchanging simple information through function calls. When an API is a protocol implementation, it is based on specific proxy methods for remote requests that rely on the communication protocol at their core.

APIs are used by different applications, programs and operating systems, and programmed for different purposes. They can be used for web, multimedia, user interface, and more. APIs are important for companies such as telephone service providers that integrate with other systems and take control of their systems.

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