Importance of Payroll Management in the HR Evolution

Payroll Management is a technology where an employer will manage salaries of their employees. This salary structure includes allowances, salary, deductions, as well as net payable to their employees. This deals with generation of the pay slips. Even Complicated Computations performed manually will be automated by using payroll software like Paycom. In this post, we will go through Paycom Reviews and find out why it is the best software.

Each company has different departments such as finance, marketing, research & development, information technology, and human resources. The HR department is an important part of an organization as employees will be considered as real assets and HR department has to look after an employee welfare as well as make their facilities simpler.

Why Use Paycom?

Paycom offers user-friendly payroll and HR technology that will enhance the whole employee life cycle. From benefits enrollment and onboarding talent management, Paycom streamlines procedures, drives efficiencies, higher data integrity as well as gives your employees power on their HR information through the self-service application. Enjoy the seamless payroll processing anytime and anywhere access with zero data re-keying.

Paycom Reviews

Important Features of Payroll

Payroll generally refers to a process in which employees get the salary. Functions mainly involve reconciling and balancing payroll data, depositing and even reporting taxes. Payroll department looks after wage deductions, verifying reliability of the pay data and record keeping. Payroll department delivers the payroll checks, helps to maintain compliance with the tax laws, records any paperwork for fresh hires as well as edits current employee files. The payroll professionals are responsible to calculate reimbursements, overtime, bonuses, and even holiday pay.

Payroll is the list of employees that are paid by a company. Payroll refers to total amount of the money that employer pays to an employee. Being the business function, this process involves:

  • Developing the organization pay policy that includes leave encashment policy, flexible benefits, and more.
  • Defining payslip components such as variable pay, basic, LTA and HRA
  • Gathering payroll inputs (organization’s food vendor might supply information about amount getting recovered from employees for the meals consumed)
  • Actual calculation of the gross salary, statutory and non-statutory deductions, or arriving at a net pay
  • Releasing the employee salary
  • Depositing various dues such as PF, TDS and more with right authorities & filing returns

This payroll software helps to automate the whole payroll process, thus you do not need to complete each step manually.

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