What are the advantages/disadvantages of a quartz countertop? Find out here

While a lot of people might instantly think that granite countertops are the best for their home, quartz nowadays has become increasingly trendy and very popular for many people. In fact, the popularity of quartz countertops has already increased more popular nowadays and has become the top choice for many.

In fact, the popularity of quartz countertops has increased in recent years, with sales going up to sixty-percent in the early 2000s, however, why is quartz becoming very popular for a lot of households and many interior designers today?

Quartz countertops are made in two different processes and ways. There are some that are made through the quarried slabs of stones in mountains or hills so that homeowners can have the access to the engineered quartz countertops as well, while it mixes 95-percent ground natural quartz with polymer resin. You can buy quartz countertops here.

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Pros of quartz countertops:

  1. It is tested and proven to be great for countertops– Quartz countertops have been one of the best and most popular options in many households in Europe for more than ten years already while in the United States, quartz is not that common. Since its surface is a combination of quality stones that are laminated into one affordable countertop, it can offer a more versatile option for any purposes such as kitchen countertop or bathroom flooring.
  2. Various color options are always available– Regardless if the quartz is quarried slab or it is an engineered solution, virtually, you can choose any color which is a great option for any quartz countertop. This makes it a more reasonable investment for new construction or for those who want to upgrade or remodeling their own kitchen with a new countertop.
  3. It is a very low-maintenance addition to your kitchen– Quartz countertop is very durable and virtually invincible. The durability level of a quartz countertop is very good that it is one of the very few countertop options that come with a warranty. Because it is not porous, there are very few sanitary concerns also with this countertop option also.
  4. It is highly resistant to staining and corrosion– Knowing that it is very durable for its surface, the requirement for it to be resealed, the quartz countertop does not longer require to have it. Quartz countertop is naturally resistant to liquids, oils, and corrosion on its own.

The cons of quartz countertops:

  1. It can be damaged with heat– The excessive heat can easily damage quartz countertops. Even using a hot pan on this countertop can already create enough damage.
  2. It can be very expensive as well– Quartz countertops can cost you more than a hundred dollars per square foot or even more depend on the manufacturer and brand.
  3. It has limited sink options– The integrated sinks are not applied to quartz countertop making it difficult for buyers to choose because they have to use a flush-mount, drop-in or an under-mount sink for this kind of countertop.
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