What You Should Do To Pass A Urine Drug Test

A drug test can be similar to a urine test since there are similar methods that it uses with the urine test. The only difference is that it also has additional methods to rule out traces of chemicals that are found in illegal or regulated substance like cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and so on. In places where these things are common, companies are strict in making sure that their employees and potential hires are drug-free. That’s why in most companies yearly examinations include drug testing and a pre-employment requirement as well.

The drug test may seem foolproof but it’s not, in fact even the strictest can be fooled, unless you’re pissing in front of the person taking your urine, there’s still a grey area that anyone can take advantage of. Many people have actually fooled it using fake urine. Sure there are actually other ways to make sure that you pass your drug test, but you should know that at the end of the day, fake urine is still your best choice. But for your benefit, you can find them below.

Use detox formulas: Detox formulas as what it states provides detox so that the drugs that you so fear about that will show in the drug test wouldn’t. Although the option is very promising, there is such a thing as a half-life. Meaning, what yo take will have a period to protect you and a period where it will subside and will cause you more problems than good. So if you plan to take it, you need to know the best time when it will work, preferably the time that you will take your drug test.

fake urine

Borrow someone’s urine: There’s a common practice by some people to actually borrow urine from someone, and just be creative about how they can place it in the urine collector without raising any suspicion. This is gross, because it’s a urine by another person as there are potential things that can go wrong with this. The most common one is you getting caught and the ironic one is you failing the test, because the person where you borrowed the urine from is using an illegal substance or a prescription drug that they can actually defend, but not you.

Why is fake urine the best option: The best option is fake urine, although in some cases you need to be really creative in order to not get noticed using it, but the fact that it’s safer and less gross means you can use it without worry and not to mention its made with components that mimic the urine makes it perfect for any surprise drug test. Unlike detox, it won’t expire, so you can use it the entire day and even share it with your friends.

There are many reasons why people are using fake urine and its not always bad. You see there are companies that conduct yearly drug tests or has this practice for new intakes to submit to one. Although some countries legalized substances like marijuana, a failed drug test is always a failed drug test. Even if you smoke marijuana in a legalized state or you got prescriptions to support you taking addictive substances, that is still bad for a company’s image unless they are selling those things to begin with. If you wish to know more continue reading this.

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