The drug test every pot user dreads

Office work can be boring and stressful which is why your boss wants to add more stress by having a random drug test, and not just any drug test, a hair follicle drug test. Nothing spells paranoid at the office quite like a hair follicle drug test. Why you may ask? Urine drug tests can easily be tricked by using different methods but a hair follicle drug test may prove to be a bit more difficult.

Unlike a urinalysis wherein you have a lot of options to choose from, a hair follicle test is like the last resort of any lab and is dreaded by every marijuana user since without the right technique, it’s nearly impossible to pass it, but of course, due to the diligence and determination of some people, passing a hair folicle drug test can be done.

Dissecting the process

The lab gets a piece of your hair, around 1.5 in from the follicle and discards the remaining length. They use this hair sample to test not THC but a metabolite of it, THC-COOH. If you’re wondering as to up to what extent can they find out about your pot smoking habits with that 1.5 inch strand, the lab can actually detect a lot, up to 90 days in fact, yes, the lab can detect whether you’ve smoked pot within a 3 month period. Any lab that’s telling you that they can detect up to a year’s worth of marijuana usage is just telling you that to make you more paranoid than you already are, better wipe that sweat running down your forehead.

passing a hair folicle drug test

Home remedies?

There are a few home remedies you might try such as bleaching the hair and dyeing it and then repeating the process for up to 5 or 6 times and what you will end up with is damaged hair, but the THC is still there. You can also detox and sweat it out all you want but the THC’s not coming off your hair follicle any time soon. You may lose a few pounds while you’re at it but the THC won’t move an inch 1.5 inches to be exact. In short, there are no tested and proven effective home remedies that can help you get out of failing the hair follicle drug test.

The only solution

There is only one recorded, tested and proven way that will help you get to keep your day job, and that is the Macujo method. With a success rate of around 90% for every pothead who has tried it, being the 10% were probably too high to fully understand the process, it involves mixing a few chemicals and rinsing your hair over and over and over with it for up to 7 days to fully get rid of the THC in the hair follicle.

Basically the hair follicle drug test is the big daddy of all drug tests. Even just mentioning it strikes fear into the regular marijuana user, seemingly impossible to pass as well without the help of the Macujo Method.

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