What is data protection? Why is it important?

Data protection is the process of securing your important data from others or being lost. The data protection should have the capability to both backup the data and restore the data to a functional state. The data should not be corrupted during any process. For that veeam is a software that has the capability of cloud data management.

The data is stored on a disk, tape, or cloud backup to protect the data safely. The stored data can be used when the original data is lost or corrupted due to an unknown error. There are advanced technologies available to provide continuous data protection, so the backup will update the changes you made to the data. You can recover the updated data without updating the data.


Nowadays, cloud backups are more prevalent; they move their backups to public clouds and maintain the data by third party service vendors. Here we don’t need any disk or tape and they serve an extra protected copy of the data which can be recovered by a disaster facility.

Data protection works with a strategy that ensures the data can be restored in a short span of time when corruption or loss of data occurs. Data privacy is the key factor of data protection.  A veeam software provides secured data protection.

For example, coronavirus causes a pandemic situation all over the world. Millions of employees are planning to work from home, and they require data security. The company should monitor that the employees are protecting their data securely. To monitor this, a central data center is placed in the office on an employee’s laptop. Here the employees face storage issues like protecting the tape, disk, and data. So those cloud data products were introduced to resolve these issues.

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