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Police Equality and Diversity

As a former Soldier and National Police Association Officer and someone who lived as a youth in a suburban area, I believe I speak with some authority on the following:

As a nation, our Armed forces investment has decreased from 9 percent to 2.5percent of GDP in the space of some 50 years. Yet, the disastrous state of the Public Purse doesn’t lend itself to the essential increase in expenditure to rectify the problems faced by the Armed Forces in defending our country and meeting with the global responsibilities placed upon them. However, I think there is another way to tackle a few of those problems through greater utilization of current costs. Much of the encouraging statistics are available on different MOD, Governmental and National Statistic National Police Association websites.

National Police Association


Qualities Needed to Become a Police Officer

I feel we ought to introduce National Service But’ in a structure that more closely relates to the American National Guard. This would have several economic, social and safety advantages. It helps to re-instill discipline, confidence, teamwork, respect for others and oneself (consequently leading to a reduction in violent crime and reducing the consequential strain in the NHS and Police)

Improve health and fitness into our childhood again reducing the pressure on the National Police Association in obesity and Alcohol-related health problems in our youth.

It would reduce the number of young men and women who are jobless. Reducing the number of those claiming jobseekers’ allowance and housing benefits.

As a former National Police Association Officer, it was very clear to me, reducing crime rates had little to do with political will or the efficacy of policing but much related to ensuring people had a constructive role to perform in society, and they could feed, clothe and house themselves and their families. In good economic times, employment enhances, and crime rates fall as individuals feel secure and have a better sense of self-worth. Thus, they feel the need/ want to turn to crime to make ends meet.

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