The Handy Thermostat Buying Guide: Features To Look For

Most homes rely on some sort of heating, ventilating and air conditioning system (HVAC). While heating and cooling setups can vary a lot, all these are to help keep indoor temperatures in check. To determine when and what temperature your room need, make use of your thermostat. This device acts as the main point of access for this system which is why it is important. Today’s thermostats are quite different than the typical models years ago. At, you will find the new models online. The wide range of thermostat lists will be your buying guide. You can then decide which model makes the most sense for your home. Remember to choose a brand with the features and something that will fit in your equipment.

Your Current System

There are plenty of models in the market that will help to regulate your home’s temperature. Consider your current system when picking as this will help you to determine which one will fit in. Your current HVAC system will tell what type of thermostat you will need and work with. The most common are the ones with single and two-stage and for heating, you can also have three stage support. The number of stages furnaces will allow for smoother operation and more efficiency. There are models of thermostat that can work with as many as 4 heats and 3 cool functions. Some thermostats allow you to set an auxiliary heat source as the second stage. After determining your current system, choose either the programmable or the smart models.

HVAC system

Programmable Thermostats

The common and the usual model that you will find is the programmable thermostat. You will only enter in a general schedule that is consistent to configure this model. You can set the thermostat to a more energy efficient temperature or program it to kick back if you are around. This is the best way to have one setting for the whole day or week. This model also allows you to make manual adjustments to the thermostat as needed. This model works with manual controls and does not come with an automatic feature. If you want to use a thermostat with automation, choose the smart models.

Smart Thermostats

Most of the smart thermostat is WiFi enabled. This type is more popular perfect for controlling your home’s comfort from anywhere. You can also program this model or check and operate them on your smartphone or tablet. The thermostat of this type is much more advanced. Each one has their unique abilities but look for features you want and you most need.

  • App Control. This feature is important and is present in most smart thermostats. This will allow you to control your thermostat remotely. You can make use of your smart devices or PCs in checking the temperature. This adds up the comfort.
  • Automatic Temperature Changes. This feature is an important outlook when buying a new thermostat. This usually uses your phone to make automatic adjustments for you. This functions by recording your behavior or usual controls and set it automatically. In most times, this will switch from cooling to heating based on your home’s temperature.
  • Easy to Use Controls. Look for models that have a display and simple touch controls makes it easy to check and adjust a thermostat. There are also models that can provide routine reminders. This feature is also great when you needed a reminder like when it is time to replace your furnace or AC filter.
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