The Best Norwegian Credit Card – Card Is Free And Withdrawal-Fee

Why would anyone hassle oneself upon getting a credit card? Meanwhile, norwegian kreditkort offers a very flexible card with lots of advantages. In comparison to the other credit cards, this card is offered for free. Another good thing about the card is free of withdrawal fee outside the country. Plus, it provides cash points on travels. The card is ideal for potential users looking for a Visa credit card. Yes, this type of credit card is a Visa card which has a good bonus, no monthly fee, and no withdrawal fee. When compared to the top credit credits, this is worth to compare and very competitive.

The top of travel card category

Indeed, the card becomes the top of the travel category because of no yearly fee. During the launch of the credit card, it becomes the top of the travel category. Plus, it has proven that the card was excellent for ordinary use. The card focuses on good conditions during traveling as it includes travel insurance. CashPoints is known as the card’s bonus system which even get better. There will be a 10% bonus for purchasing of a ticket. Plus, there are other purchases with 0.5% bonus. Potential users are love to travel, this is an ideal card as it gives discounts for holiday travel. Users will never have to worry during the travel period as it has no hassle at all. After purchasing a ticket for the travel, the card user simply waits on the scheduled travel. It can safely travel with travel insurance as well. Users need to create an account into this type of credit card to avail its great benefits.

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The convenience of a mobile app

Users must be aware that a mobile app for the credit card is convenient to use. In fact, it works in two different mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. With the use of the mobile app, the users can take a check at the expenses. Not just the expenses that can be checked, bonus points as well. The card has a pin code, so security is guaranteed. Users must enjoy the benefits of the credit card such as:

  • CashPoints
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • No annual fee
  • No withdrawal fee

The bonus from using the card is the main reason why users get satisfied with no fee. In fact, this is what they called the bonus system. Buying something using the card gives 0.5% of CashPOint. In simply buying a ticket, it gives a higher amount of CashPoints.

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