What is Sweat With Kayla Review?

Sweat with Kayla Review is primarily a fitness oriented coaching app which is an integration of BBG program (Bikini Body Guide workouts) and HELP guide with many essential nutrient meal plans to tone your body energized by losing extra weight by giving good health,  fitness and confidence.

fitness oriented coaching app

Features of Sweat with Kayla App:

This app is completely made of workouts and diet plan. After registration with this app it gets displayed the type of workout and diet plan to be followed according to in which particular week you are. It features include:-

  • Rehabilitation includes stretches for full body, lower body or upper body
  • HIIT Workouts
  • LISS Workouts
  • Resistance includes workouts for full body, abs, arms, or legs, depending on your week.

This app also features daily menu which has what to eat and what not to eat. The grocery list makes you store and take progress photos.

The Good and the Bad of Kayla:

This app is user friendly and easy to navigate all the workouts and diet plan. Those who can’t bare its full cost can utilize the user experiences.

Don’t know how this beautiful app would have survived without the user experience helps. Main drawback of this app is if anyone cancels their subscription then they might lose the guides of this app. As the PDF guides are not cheaply available one should download them for future purpose. Hence, it is advisable to use this app for only 12 weeks rather than buying its guides.

This app costs you around $19.99 per month with a subscription of 12 weeks and is not a free service. The amount will be debited directly from your account. If anyone wishes for a 7 day trial then also 3 months total amount around $59.97 will be debited from your account, and will be returned to you subject to cancelation.

On bottom line for further clarification you can visit this site to learn more about this app http://www.bikinibodyguides.com and find 100 % results for your own body to get it into the bikini shape body. Hope Sweat with Kayla Review is very much helpful for you with workouts and diet recepies.

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