5 Handyman Services That Will Make Your Life Easier

Handyman Services

For the average person, the word “handyman” might conjure up images of a man in a plaid shirt and a tool belt. But a professional handyman is so much more than that. A good handyman can be a true lifesaver when it comes to taking care of all those little things around your home that you just don’t have time for.

Here are 5 handyman services that will make your life easier:

Hang pictures and mirrors:

Most homeowners know how to hang pictures, but there are some tricks that make this task much easier. For example, use painter’s tape to mark where the nail should go. This will prevent you from putting holes in your walls. You can also use a level to make sure your picture is straight.

Fix a leaking faucet:

If you have a leaking faucet, it’s probably because the washer is worn out. You can easily replace the washer yourself. Just turn off the water supply, remove the handle, unscrew the retaining nut, and pull out the stem. Then, simply reverse the process to install the new washer.

 Replace a light switch:

If your light switch is not working, you can replace it yourself. Just turn off the power to the switch at the breaker box, remove the faceplate, unscrew the switch, and pull it out. Then, reverse the process to install the new switch.

Hang curtains:

If you want to hang curtains, you’ll need to buy a few supplies. First, get a curtain rod and mounting brackets. handyman in Deephaven also need a drill, screwdriver, and level. To hang the curtains, first mark the location of the brackets on the wall. Then, use the drill to make pilot holes and screw the brackets into place. Finally, hang the rod on the brackets and adjust it until it’s level.

 Clean gutters:

If your gutters are full of leaves, they won’t be able to do their job properly. To clean them, first remove the leaves and debris. Then, flush the gutters with a hose to remove any remaining dirt.

 Paint a room:

If you want to paint a room, you’ll need to buy some supplies. First, get a drop cloth to protect your floors. You’ll also need a ladder, paintbrushes, and paint. To paint the room, first remove all of the furniture from the room. Then, spread the drop cloth over the floor and tape it down. Next, use the ladder to reach the ceiling and paint the trim. Finally, paint the walls.