Marijuana Addiction: Understanding Available Behavioral Treatments

At this point, there are hundreds and thousands of cases recorded regarding the misuse of marijuana. Basically, marijuana is used mainly for treating illnesses and other types of disorders by which a person has. Unfortunately, there are also an increasing number of individuals who prefer to take such medication without prescription because of the temporary pleasure it contains once taken. One of the reasons why people get addicted to this kind of drug is they somehow have become dependent on it even if they are not advised to get one.

In most countries, the use of cannabis is prohibited. Only the prescribed individuals are allowed to buy openly such thing. But, it’s undeniable how under-the-table transactions are still rampant which has led to the biggest problem of society, the addiction. However, marijuana addiction treatment is now available everywhere. Although it’s another big step towards a sustainable community, but the outcome after a series of therapy is observed will turn into something great and better through the years.

Contingency Management

Now, this type of management is something that you can recall from your childhood years. Can you remember the time when your parents give you a reward because you did something awesome at school? How about the moment when you did the chores without their command and you were rewarded with a toy after? That’s kind of what will take place with this method. There are instances when a person would feel more dedicated to change whenever something is given as a reward after religiously following the do’s and don’ts in a treatment. Hence, constant monitoring is absolutely what defines this mode of treatment.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Some people are fueled to change their behaviors based on the level of encouragement they will get from people around them. Knowing how intervention strategy with the important people in someone’s life, the user can start on reflecting how such abuse can have the undesired effects which may also result to damaged relationships. Hearing positive and kind words from important people can totally help someone to slowly take the chances and handle the upcoming change in a more responsible way. Motivation can absolutely help change a person’s point of view as well on preparing emotional and mental adjustment onward.

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy

This method helps realize a person’s depth of addiction. Basically, it allows the drug user to identify and pinpoint the real problem and focusing on how to deal with the consequences later on. The reflection given and tackled while on this program would allow someone to set up a strategy for handling the changes to undergo in the process. Anyone who will go through this type of therapy must practice self-control and realization as to what negative things the continuous misuse would turn out in the end.