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Being a victim of narcissistic abuse is no cakewalk. Survivors of the abuse experience a lot of psychological effects of narcissism. They lose self-confidence, get depressed and experience some extreme emotions like anxiety. The only way to get out of the abusive relationship is to seek the help of a psychologist who suggests certain changes in lifestyle, a medicinal course which might include the usage of the Best CBD Cart for anxiety. Here is a list of effects faced by a victim of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

What is narcissism?

As the abuser doesn’t give a fuck about others’ feelings. They use the words of the victim against them with a pinch of spice. This kind of manipulation will alter their partner’s emotional state and behaviour. The degree of impact is dependent on theduration of life spent with the abuser. Some people have mild damage, whereas some may struggle to recover for a longer period.

Common psychological effects

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress


Anxiety: Several survivors develop anxiety due to the toxic patterns of their abuse. The hot and cold behaviour of their partners causes separation or abandonment anxiety. This effect will further cause the victims to panic or fear disorientation due to the separation from the narcissist. As mentioned earlier, you can recover from the trauma with the help of a certified professional.

Depression: The abusers belittle their victims, say things that trigger insecurities. They use hurtful words to tell their targets that they are useless and unworthy of everything. Such sentences involving insult or humiliation for no reason lead to depression in the victims. This is why survivors prefer to stay alone fearing toxic treatment from everyone. Living with this kind of attitude and hidden insecurities throw individuals into the trap of depression.

Post-traumatic stress: As the victims have undergone enough emotional abuse, they always have their guard up to detect dangers and red flags. Most survivors struggle with fight or flight responses due to trauma. The sudden change in behaviours of the abusers makes the victim walk on eggshells.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that a victim of narcissistic abuse often experiences anxiety, may become a depressed soul, and exhibit a fight or flight response to threatening situations. The life of a survivor can be difficult, however with the help of a psychologist, any affected individual can become stronger enough to face any kind of tough situation.