Important things to carry always with you

diary planners

Pocket calendars are small in size which happily fits in your shirt and jacket or can’t and pants easily. Even this can fit into the laptop bags which you carry to the office or small briefcase or any such thing which can be generally carried to wherever you go after meetings or office.

These diary planners are generally used to write plans according to the other plans which you already have and days availability.

diary planners

┬áThe pocket-sized diary has few pages and it is very identical to that of a general wall or desk calendars with 12 months in it. And every month’s page, there is a small space available for you,so writing briefly about the meetings and appointments and other important notes. One may meet many people even while walking and you may have a small chat and you decide to meet on a particular day or any such things then easily you can write off there itself. And even if someone asks for your free time then you need to wait till you go home or office but simply you can take your pocket calendar and check the time slots available and then you can happily give appointments or you can fix appointments for you.

Some calendars have 14 months in it and some have 12 months and buying is up to the user using it. Even the calendars consist of important fates for all over the country like festivals and other important days of the nation.

Few pocket calendars have additional pages at the back for notes. One can write anything he wishes to. One can write about all the expenses when you are on a trip, then you can take out a diary from your pocket and note whenever you spend money. You have to write about petrol expenses monthly and at the end of the month, you can sum up everything and calculate your petrol or other such fuel costs.

If you meet someone then you can make a note of their address and email id and phone numbers etc.

If you have any systemic problems, you can make a note regarding the particular disease on the first page, because if you fall somewhere and some unknown person helps you, then they can know about your disease and your address and phone numbers of family members to contact. If any medication has in such case of emergency you can mention it there.