Hamed Wardak Is A Great Humanitarian

Hamed Wardak Is A Great Humanitarian

Hamed Wardak was known to be a great intellectual ever since he was in his early childhood.  He is well known for his great creativity and intelligence. This ideology was something that led him to great success in all his future endeavors. He was focused on his career and made sure that it always stayed one step ahead. He believed that working passionately towards a vision and a goal is the key to achieve his objectives and dreams.

Hamed Wardak Is A Great Humanitarian

Hamed Wardak and his life achievements

Hamed Wardak was born and brought up in Kabul, Afghanistan. Abdul Rahim Wardak, the former defense minister is the father of Abdul Wardak. Wardak spent his childhood in Pakistan. He, later on, he went to the United States of America to pursue his higher education.  He was admitted to Georgetown University. He was a scholar of his class and performed excellently in his class through the years. Wardak was also the valedictorian of his class when he graduated from his university. He was also the recipient of Rhodes scholarship. This was awarded to him for being an excellent student and showing interpersonal and intellectual skills during his college years.

After finishing his education, Hamed moved back to his hometown. After completing his education, he aimed to assist his fellow countrymen during the serious times of the civil war.  Later on in life, he moved back to the US. When he went back to the US, he went on to establish himself as a businessman. It was only in a matter of time that he turned out to be a great humanitarian.

Charitable works

Hamed Wardak always believed that entrepreneurship and philanthropy were the sides of the same coin. He also had a belief that it was his destiny to serve the society. His motive was to give something back to the people of the world. He worked to shed light on several global issues and concerns. He did that to create awareness in people of all the ideologies he was passionate about.

He worked to educate the underprivileged children around the world. He was a commendable humanitarian and worked to eradicate poverty and lack of education. He had and still has a powerful work ethic. He truly believed that businessmen should search for new talent and uplift those who were underprivileged. Other than the business and charities, he was also part of the music industry. His music is true, genuine, and passionate. His music proves his credibility and shows that he is not just a great person, but also a phenomenal artist.