Flowers you can choose to say congratulations

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Life is filled with moments to celebrate. Flowers are one of the best ways to convey our feelings. When you want to congratulate someone on any achievement, say it with flowers. To help you choose flowers apt for the occasion, we have listed some below. With same day flowers delivery brampton available you don’t have to worry about where to buy.

  Flowers have a great role in bringing out a positive outlook in the minds of people. The only thing that you should keep in mind is to avoid flowers or colors that the recipient is not in favor of.

  • Roses: Did you think roses were meant only to express love and romance? They actually mean more! Roses mean good luck and cheer. A bunch of yellow roses beautifully assembled in a bouquet would light up the smile in your friend to feel accomplished on his new achievement. It is believed that a bunch of 25 roses would convey good luck. White rose indicates purity and peace and they are a great way to wish the newly-weds. These can be given to congratulate on a new job, new house, or any accomplishment.
  • Daffodils: These yellow beauties denote new beginnings and rebirth. A change in the life of a friend or family member that indicates switching over to a new lease of life is best congratulated with daffodils. Here there is one warning for you. Always remember daffodils are gifted in a bunch and not as a single stalk. A single flower is a negative sign and would pass on a wrong impression to the receiver. These can be arranged beautifully in bouquets and gifted.
  • Daisies: When you have to wish your close friend on his sports achievement or graduation, think of daisies. These lovelies are used to express friendship. The gerbera variety of daisies can be used to wish a new mom as it indicates cheerfulness and vibrancy.
  • Carnations: These fit the bill for any occasion. Be it an engagement, anniversary, new birth, or any major achievement, carnations are the best flowers to gift. There are many colors of carnations each one signifying an emotion. Pink and yellow carnations are the most preferred.
  • Tulips: When you want to join hands in the celebration of the achievement of fame, tulips can be a good choice of gift. Fame is concerning public speaking or any other stage performance. Say it with a colorful bunch of tulips.