Valorant Booster

There are 11 Agents and a new one you can choose from in the game Valorant. Agents belong to one of four classes with each class having a particular ability. Reyna, Jett, Raze, and Phoenix are Duelists who are front-line attackers. Breach and Sova are Initiators who gather intel. Controllers provide offensive support and include Omen, Brimstone, and Viper. Sentinels are excellent defenders against threats and those are Sage and Cypher. Killjoy, the 12th Agent, is another Sentinel added to the game along with Act II on August 4.


A Controller who hunts in the shadows, Omen can blind enemies and teleport across the map. He has the ability to avoid the shot of snipers. He can also get the upper hand on campers hiding around corners. His abilities include Paranoia, Dark Cover, Shrouded Step, and From THe Shadows. His ultimate ability allows him to teleport to any spot on the map. He can move across the entire map in a blink of an eye. Enemy fire can cancel this ultimate ability so use it with care.


Sova is an Initiator who can find and track enemies to the benefit of his team. His abilities include Shock Bolt, Recon Bolt, Owl Drone, and Hunter’s Fury. His ultimate ability equips his bow with three wall-piercing bolts. These give off massive energy blasts and can damage enemies. This ability can be reused if you are quick enough.

Valorant Booster


A Sentinel who can keep an eye on the enemy, Cypher can move unseen, too. He can slow enemies and even lure them into traps. His abilities include Cyber Cage, Spycam, Trapwire, and Neural Theft. He can only use his ultimate skill on a dead enemy player. It will reveal the location of the rest of your enemies.


A Duelist who is all about style, Phoenix prefers fighting on his own terms. His abilities include Curveball, Hot Hands, Blaze, and Run It Back. His ultimate ability is one of the most interesting abilities in the game. It lets him place a marker on his chosen spot and then move forward into the map. He will respawn at the location of the marker as if nothing happened when he dies. This ability has a time limit so you need proper timing when executing it.

Choosing your preferred Agent is also available in Valorant boosting. It will let you decide which playstyle your booster will be using for the match.