Richelieu Dennis appoints new CEO of Essence

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A brand building process is one that requires careful research, hard work, passion, and a sense of purpose. It takes a lot of work and perseverance to achieve success.¬†richelieu dennis is the CEO of Sundial Brands’ beauty brand. He shares his insights about what it takes to build a brand.

Humble Beginnings

Dennis’s success story was not unlike many others. He was the son of a Sierra Leonean mother, and a Liberian father. Both countries were at the edge of civil war at the time. His family moved between the two countries to ensure safety.

Living in war-torn countries means seeing your neighbors disappear for their lives, student protests turn brutal, arrests and riots, as well as random killings. Dennis was fortunate to receive a scholarship to study in America. After completing his college studies, however, the instability in the two countries made it impossible to return home. Dennis and his family started making soap to make a living. From there, their brand was born.

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Entrepreneurial Skills: The Place

Richelieu Dennis was influenced by his grandparents and parents to learn the importance of business. His grandparents owned businesses in rural West Africa. His grandparents’ legacy on his family was positive and admirable. Because there was no backup plan, their resilience and determination to build their brand grew. Richelieu dennis father owned an insurance company. He died when Dennis was eight years old. His mother, Nyema Tubeman, was an economist in Liberia and has been Dennis’ business partner since the beginning of the brand. His mother is a strong influence, having been raised under the same roof as him throughout his entire life (except college).

His mother, a charismatic leader who thrives on compassion and caring, is his inspiration. Her principle is to place quality brand experiences above profits. Your customers will never forget the way you made them feel about your brand. Consumer loyalty is a key factor in increasing profits.

A Successful Brand’s Impact on Freedom

Rich Dennis was able to enjoy much-needed freedom in the United States. As there was no civil unrest, he didn’t have to worry about curfews being imposed by the government in the evening. You had no restrictions in expressing and implementing your ideas. He was able to explore a vast array of possibilities because of this freedom.

Leadership Lessons Learned

No matter what your resume says, invest in your employees to help them reflect your brand’s vision richelieu dennis and quality.Before you hire help for your brand-building endeavors, make sure that the foundations are in place. Make sure the vision is clear and that you have achievable goals.Develop your people skills – reach out to mentors who have been there before and learn from them.