Bluehost and Dreamhost- which one is best?


In this article, we will talk about the WordPress thing they both offer to their users. As many people want the best WordPress hosting for them. And now we will see bluehost vs dreamhost on the basis of WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting- Bluehost site

So here you will officially get and this hosting on a VPS platform gives high performance as always. You will also get automatic updates and security. On Bluehost, you will also get a one-click installation that is supported by WordPress. You will get free themes when you get the access and that is amazing. You will get daily basis backups and guaranteed resources via the KVM hypervisor. These are some basic thing which you will notice while using Bluehost.

The problem here is that it is expensive than Dreamhost and has limited speed optimization.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting- Dreamhost

Here you will also get officially and in the cloud platform. It also has automatic installation, security, and updates. Here you will get free migration for the WordPress websites and a quickstart guide as well. They also provide a specific firewall for security support. Unlimited features are also provided like visits per month, emails, and many other things. the speed optimization quality is here as compared to the Bluehost. They also provide some developer tools to you and also have DreamPress pro.

The only issue with this one is there are no plans mentioned by them for support hosting unlimited WordPress websites.

So in terms of performance, both are very good, but Dreamhost has better VPS. Managed supports if you will see are best on both the sites. But if we talk about WooCommerce then Bluehost is best with PayPal integration, SEO, Google Analytics, and more. And in the game bluehost vs dreamhost, Bluehost wins on the basis of WordPress hosting.