All about neoprene flat washers

There are various kinds of flat washers which are used for different kinds of applications. While considering the neoprene washers, they are the best option for applications that demand vibration dumping. As the name indicates these washers are made out of neoprene material. The most important factor about neoprene is they are considered to be a versatile material. Thus, they can be used for both soft and hard application. This is the reason why they are widely used in various fields which include space, marine, plumbing, railway equipments and many. The size, thickness and shape of these flat washers will get varied based on the purpose.

flat washers available


It is to be noted that these washers are made up of rubber and steel. In current scenario they are widely used in electronic products and they are also supposed to play a major role in the industry of alternative energy. The most important reason for the enhanced usability of this product is they are capable of creating tight fitting seal. Since the washer is coated with neoprene they will be provide the best protection against corrosion. Apart from these specialties, they can be used for other general purposes for which other flat washers are being used.


The first and foremost benefit of these washers is they are capable of providing a very high protection when compared to that of other flat washers available in the market. Hence they can be used even for the industrial fittings. They are supposed to have very high resistance to different types of liquids. Thus they are capable of protecting the machine from corrosion. Apart from these the benefits of neoprene flat washers are considered to be endless. People who are aware of these factors will definitely consider them as the wisest option.

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