The Reasons Brad Jackson and Dynamic Star Investing In Tenants

Nowadays, it is still true of the adage that the most crucial aspect for real estate investors is location, location. Closeness to utilities, open space, picturesque vistas and the neighbourhoods standing all important impact home values. The closeness of marketplaces, warehouses, transportation hubs, motorways, and tax-exempt regions must take into account when determining the value of commercial properties. As an illustration, a quiet open area behind a residential building can turn into a busy manufacturing complex, lowering the land’s value. Let’s know why Brad Zackson investing in tenants.

Contributing to Your Community

The retail store’s merchandise, Dynamic Star, plans to recruit and create using the pool of unique local talent among the neighbourhood’s youngsters, employed adults, and craftspeople. According to Brad encouraging local talent enhances the neighbourhood and fosters economic growth. The goal of Opus Point was to act as a hub for the suburbs. A restaurant, coffee shop, organic grocery and even Eagle Electric display among retail tenants’ moments. Opus Point would have easy access to public transportation. Its accessibility to transportation is ideal for today’s mixed workforce, commuters, and tenants looking for jobs in the outer areas closer to where they live.

Brad Zackson

Why Invest In Tenants?

Investing in tenants is a smart move for several reasons. Firstly, tenants are the backbone of the real estate industry. Without tenants, there would be no demand for properties, and real estate investors would struggle to generate returns. By investing in tenants, Brad Zackson and Dynamic Star are taking advantage of this fundamental principle of the real estate industry.


Investing in tenants provides a steady stream of income. When tenants sign a lease, they agree to pay rent for a specified period, typically 12 months. It means that real estate investors can count on a steady stream of income for the duration of the lease. It is a significant advantage over other types of investments, such as stocks and bonds, which may fluctuate in value and provide unpredictable returns.


Investing in tenants provides a degree of stability. Real estate markets can be volatile, and property values can fluctuate based on parts economic conditions and supply and demand. By investing in tenants, Brad Jackson and Dynamic Star minimise their exposure to these fluctuations. Even if property values decline, they can still generate income from their tenants. Investing in tenants allows real estate investors to build long-term relationships with their tenants. It can lead to lower vacancy rates, as tenants are more likely to renew their leases if they have a good relationship with their landlord. It can also lead to lower turnover rates, as tenants are less to move out if they are satisfied with their living or working conditions.

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