Traditional Versus Online Relationship – Who wins?

We all have heard about online dating and most of us smirk and think, does it really work?  Even after decades in existence, online dating still has that stigma attached to it. Some think that it is only for people that have no real social life and therefore demeaning. So they stick to traditional ways of dating and sad to say largely unsuccessful. So online versus traditional, the perceived “normal” versus the “adventurous”. If you ask many people they do not really see any or much of a difference.

Number of Contacts

     Dating for many people is a numbers game. This is where the advantage of online dating presents itself the strongest. upon joining just a single platform, you become connected to millions of singles, and not just in your locality. You can get connected probably all over the country, or for that matter, the world. This is not to mention that you get connected to these potential matches in the comfort of wherever you are at the moment right in the palm of your hands. In addition, most of these free dating apps are well, for free! Even if some asks for a monthly subscription, they most probably have a free trial period so you can have a look and decide. What this means if it doesn’t work out and you did not like the way they do the service, you can just switch or cancel your membership within the trial period and you are good.

traditional dating


     For traditional dating, your choices or number of contacts would pale in comparison to the reach of doing it online. However, it more than makes it up for this by having you surrounded with viable and instantly verifiable people. This lessens the likelihood of anyone scamming you or people that might do you harm. Furthermore, you instantly make or break a connection, as being face to face beats any chat platform online. Not to add to the fact that it is harder for people to lie straight faced when in a person to person conversations. The statistics for online dating sites put the figures at over HALF of their members lying on their profiles.

A for Effort

     It just takes a lot of preparation, time and effort into one date. If no one is setting you up on dates, this could actually be even harder. This is probably why most people opted to go online to find matches. It is just so much easier to do and more probability exists that you might actually find someone that you click with.

     So there it is, if you are having a hard time between traditional dating or going digital, you can always combine the two options and double your chances at getting that match.

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