What You Need To Know About Gravity Bongs

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Have you ever heard of bongs?

A bong is one of the most efficient ways of consuming cannabis and is well known for the huge hit provided in one inhalation. This is why many would rather opt for a gravity bong rather than try to use their fingers. They are most popular among cannabis smokers, especially those who have been smoking them for a long time.

About gravity bongs

They are unique in the way they have been designed and quite creative too. The name gravity was given to bongs because of the technique employed in their use. This is because they make use of gravity to create large fumes of smoke so it can easily be inhaled. They are quite simple and a more efficient way for you to smoke your cannabis at a larger amount.

They work by pushing up highly concentrated smoke into your lungs and filling them up with smoke which is somewhat equal to an average hit you get from a pipe or a joint.

When you smoke using a bong, one thing you should keep in mind is that at that moment you are inhaling smoke from an entire bottle of cannabis at once. And for this reason,n it is not recommended for someone new to smoking cannabis as it can cause an intense effect that may be too much for you to handle.

Benefits of gravity bong

  • The water pressure that comes with using gravity bongs is one of its main benefits. This pressure doubles up the intoxicating power of the hit when inhaled. It is why many prefer it to a pipe.
  • It is quite efficient and effective and if you are looking for an efficient way to smoke your cannabis, then you should try gravity bongs.
  • They are usually made small and unique such that you can easily carry them wherever you go.


Although bongs are preferred to pipes, there is one thing you should note before using them and hatest they may cause some kind of complications especially if you have some preexisting medical condition. You need to be careful before taking any form of cannabis and inform your healthcare provider before you do so.

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