Real estate management profession: the more professional, the better

Good property management services are characterized by a high level of professionalism. This includes first of all that the administrative work is carried out full-time, full-time and commercially. In addition, the owner of the property manager should have relevant training in the real estate sector and should have learned the management activity from “scratch” if possible.

In contrast, a typical path to becoming a residential property manager leads through training as a real estate agent or an additional qualification as a real estate assistant. Many organizations also offer entry into the management profession, namely the certified course Certified real estate specialist and housing specialist. It is also possible to have a career through other commercial training or courses of study leading to a degree in business administration. In addition, some universities offer real estate management or real estate management courses in the program, whereby lawyers or business economists who specialize in condominium and tenancy law have also found their way into the management profession.

Real estate management

Taking professional help

The owner of a good property management company has a high level of specialist knowledge due to such relevant training. A good property manager is usually still a member of a professional association. That should also be right: administration, organization and coordination of property management

Not only should the owner of the property management but also the “total package” of administration, organization and coordination be professional. In addition to adequately furnished office space, the property manager should be staffed in such a way that someone is on-site during regular office hours.  If the owner or the responsible manager cannot be reached, owners can expect prompt feedback. If the responsible administrator is prevented e.g. because of vacation, illness, a knowledgeable and sufficiently authorized representative should be available.

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