Everything you need to know about Elo boosting in this post

Elo boosting

League of Legends is always known for its difficulty level where you have to fight your way to the top and this game is no laughing matter. There are tons of games out there where players are in constant search for an easier way to enhance their accounts and their characters to gain upper hand against their rivals.

Perhaps this is because the game has made you compete against other players in a very competitive nature where your win is not just another win, but also your chance to turn yourself into a respectable player.

The game fairly sorts out players in a match through a system called Match Making Rating (MMR). The company behind League of Legends, Riot, has not disclosed to the public how its system chooses players that can compete with each other though, while there are certain types of matches and opponents that are only available to players who have reached higher ranks within the entire game which is why a lot of players are badly wanting to reach certain levels where they can upgrade their skills, weapons, and their entire character where they can unlock exciting features.

League of Legends

Generally, if your MMR is ranked higher, it will be more fun for you to play and win more prizes after a match.

One solution for frustrated players who wants an easy way up is through Elo Boosting, which is also known as MMR boosting, where a player can gain the advantage in the game that will pave the way to make them rank quickly as possible.


The player named in the account that is registered is called the booster, and the person who logs into the boostee’s account to quickly improve the MMR ranking is the one they call the booster.

For you to know, there are two types of Elo boosting which are solo queue boosting, and the duo queue boosting. The solo queue boosting is when a booster logs into the account of a boostee and plays League of Legends on behalf of the latter. This is because not every League of Legends player have the pleasure of time to play long hours to improve their MMR rankings that is why there are people out there who are willing to sacrifice on their behalf.

The duo queue boosting is where you can actually log into your own account to play, however, at the same time, a skilled booster has also logged into your account where they could play alongside you to prevent you from committing any errors and mistakes that would likely cost you a ranked match.

Depending on which type of lol elo boosting you want to use, the two types of Elo boosting, the solo and the duo have differences that you have to learn so that you can determine which one suits your needs the best. Before you even purchase either one of these elo boosting types, it would be better if you study its pros and cons first so that your money will not go to waste as well as your expectations.