Why Evil Dead and the Conjuring Will Always Be The Scariest Movies of All Time

Scariest Movies of All Time

Evil Dead

2013 was a year for Evil Dead fans, as the much anticipated remake of the cult-hit horror film debuted in April 5, 2013 in theatres all over the world. Ash, played by Bruce Campbell in the first movie, is now replaced by Mia, played by Jane Levy, as she and her 4 other friends find an abandoned cabin in the woods and the Book of the Dead. They eventually summon demons that lay dormant within the woods and possessed these youngsters until there was only one. At the end of the movie, Bruce Campbell appears in the post-credit scene in what could be a hint to a possible remake of the sequel. Rumours are also spreading around that Mia and Ash will be meeting halfway in the remake of the third sequel – The Army of Darkness, but that remains to be confirmed.

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Why it was so good

Evil Dead, much like the original version, delivers a series of sick and twisted scenes that were brought to life by the current technology in visual effects and cinematography. As a result, you get the bloodiest, scariest, and most disturbing movie ever, though critics are quick to shut down the idea that the remake has beaten the original. Though it never channels the raw DIY energy of the original Evil Dead series — what big-budget version could? — this polished, clever remake remains true to the spirit of the original, which was at once viscerally terrifying and weirdly lighthearted.

Fans were not disappointed with the tree rape scene and the chainsaw to the hand/tongue scene, as these were the highlights of both the remake and the original. Fede Alvarez, director of the Evil Dead remake, tries to follow in Sam Raimi’s directive footsteps and succeeds while trying to establish a name for himself in what could be a successful remake of Raimi’s series.

The Conjuring

James Wan released two fantastic horror movies last 2013 – The Conjuring and Insidious 2. While fans of the first Insidious movie were already clamouring for more, the fate of The Conjuring was something that was undecided until it was released; relying only on Wan’s reputation for delivering a scare-tastic movie. Days after the premiere, fans sent out their praises on what could be a promising new franchise from James Wan. The Conjuring is focused on real life paranormal investigators Ed and Lauren Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, as they help a family fight off a dark and demonic entity haunting them. What they uncovered next put the Warrens and their family in danger.

Why it was so good

Wan is one of those directors that promise consistency throughout their films, and with films like Insidious being praised by horror fans, it was no surprise that The Conjuring should follow in the franchise’s footsteps. The Conjuring was a movie that forced viewers to cower in their seats, be it in the theatres or in their living rooms. As if the scary scenes were not enough, Wan manages to induce a more terrifying atmosphere through the musical score of the movie. The result was something that fans clamoured for and more. You can even watch it at movies123 free.

But is The Conjuring the scariest movie yet?

With two other contenders like Insidious 2 and Evil Dead, it wouldn’t be much of an assumption to say that The Conjuring could give these two a run for their money, given the fact that this could be a possible franchise. Insidious 2 was already relying on the hype that it built from the first movie, and we all know Evil Dead as that horror movie we won’t be forgetting easily.

In one of the interviews, Wan indirectly mentioned that The Conjuring might be getting a sequel within 2014 or 2015. With 2 horror franchises in the bag, James Wan is slowly becoming an authority in horror movies.